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The African Movement Disorders Grand Round: Multicenter Webinar Series

Neurology webinar
December 4, 2019 - January 4, 2021

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Treat & Teach is an initiative launched by a group of Ain Shams university doctors and consultants with the aim of reducing the gap in the number of trained specialists as well as the deficiency of specialized training programs in Africa. Treat & Teach also can help establish medical services in the benefiting institutions that would hopefully lead to nationwide services run by local HR to ensure sustainability. This is achieved through the blended use of telemedicine and onsite training intertwined in a single program with clear targets.


The ‘Treat’ arm aims at assisting proper decision making in the management process of patients in benefiting institution through online clinics with the help of local healthcare workers thus adding to their ‘Teach’ as well.



The ‘Teach’ arm helps empower healthcare workers in benefiting institutions through online lectures and training programs in needed specialties.